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Lesson-13(Use of have )
Date- 14 August 2017
1- I have a cycle.
2-You have a cycle.
3- we have a motor cycle.
4- Do you have a radio?
Yes, I do.
5-Do you have a TV ?
No, I don't.
6- I have a pen.
7-I have a pencil.
8-I have a cycle.
9-I have a motor cycle.
10- I have a TV.
11- I have a brother.
12-I have a sister.
13- Do you have a pen?
Yes,I do.
No,I don't.

14- Do you have a pencil?
Yes,I do.
No, I don't.

English song

(One -1 -एक) and  (Two -2-दो)  and ( Three-3-तीन) (Four-4-चार)(Five-5-पांच) -3
(Six-6-छः) and (Seven-7-सात) and (Eight-8-आठ)(Nine-9-नौ) (Ten-10-दस)-3
We Learnt to count again

(Eleven-11-ग्यारह)  and( Twelve-12-बारह) and (Thirteen-13-तेरह) (Fourteen-14-चौदह) ( Fifteen-15-पंद्रह)-3
(Sixteen-16-सोलह) and (Seventeen-17-सत्रह) and(Eighteen-18-अठारह)
(Nineteen-19-उन्नीस) (Twenty-20-बीस)-3
You Learnt to count with me.

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