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        Lesson- 32

Date- 27 September 2017

   Some Animals and their Plural Number


Lion (शेर ), Tiger (बाघ ), Monkey ( बन्दर ), Deer (हिरन )

Q.1. What are they doing?

 Ans. They are jumping.

      They are fighting.

       They are playing.

        They are climbing on        a tree.

*अंग्रेजी में बोलो*-

एक बन्दर  (One monkey)

 छह बन्दर  (Six monkeys)

एक शेर   (One lion)

तीन शेर  (Three lions)

एक हिरन  (One Deer)

पाँच हिरन  (Five deers)

एक बाघ (One Tiger)

तीन बाघ  (Three Tigers)

*Some questions from previous lesson*

Q.1 - What are you doing?

Q.2- What is she doing?

Q.3- What is he doing?

       *New Question*

Q. What are they doing?

Ans-  They are eating.

           They are sleeping.

*निम्न वाक्यों को इंग्लिश में कहो* :-

1- वे कूद रहे हैं l
(They are jumping.)

2- वे झगड़ रहे हैं l
( They are fighting.)

3- वे खेल रहे हैं l
 (They are playing.)

4-वे पेड़ पर चढ़ रहे हैं l
 (They are climbing on a tree.)

*Continue exerciseWith animals name and following sentences*.

1👉 They are jumping.

2👉 They are fighting.

3👉 They are playing.

4👉 They are sleeping.

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