👫आओ अँग्रेजी सीखें👫
🔊Radio Program📻
Lesson-15 (Practice)

1-I have a cycle.
2-You have a cycle.
3-We have a motor cycle.
4-Do you have a radio?
Yes,I do.
5-Do you have a TV?
No , I don't.
Door, Window, Cupboard, Mirror, Chair, Table.
Questions and answers:
1-What is this?
This is a table.
2- What is this?
This is a chair.

-Open the door.
2-Open the window.
3- Open the cupboard.
Give answer-
Q.1- Do you have a pen?
Ans- Yes, I do.
No, I don't.
Q.2 - Do you have a pencil?
Ans- Yes, I do?
No, I don't.
अँग्रेजी में बोलो🗣🗣
1- मेरे पास साइकिल है।
I have a cycle.
2- तुम्हारे पास साइकिल है।
You have a cycle.
3- हमारे पास साइकिल है।
We have a cycle.
हिंदी में बोलो🗣🗣🎆 
1 . Open the door.(दरवाजा खोलो)
2 . Open the window (खिड़की खोलो)
3 . Open the Cupboard.(अलमारी खोलो)

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