आओ अँग्रेजी सीखें
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Lesson- 41

(Animals Picture-🐷🦁🐯🐒)
(What is his name?)
According to Deenu…….
Draw an elephant🐘 head.
Draw a giraffe neck . (Like a long neck.)
Draw two legs.
Draw four feet👣👣 .
Draw three hands✋🤚🖐.
Draw three eyes👁👁👁.
Draw one mouth👄.
(What is his name?)

According Asha :-
Draw a line's🦁 head.
Draw one big eye👁.
Draw two long ear.👂👂
Draw a long leg👖.
No hands.
(What is his name?)
 (Lesson-41 page- 2)
According to Sunita didi .....
Draw a peacock's 🦃head and neck.
Draw four legs like a deer.
Draw two small ears and two eyes.
Draw long hair like a Asha's hair.
(What is his name?)

Practice work
Draw an elephant head. (हाथी के सिर का चित्र बनाओ।)
Draw a long leg. (एक लम्बी गर्दन बनाओ।)
Draw two legs.( दो टाँगे बनाओ।)
Draw four feet. (चार पैर बनाओ।
Draw three hands. (तीन हाँथ बनाओ।)
Draw three eyes and one mouth. (तीन आँखें और एक मुँह बताओ।)

चित्र बनाओ।

Draw a lion's head. (एक शेर का सिर बनाओ।)
Draw a long neck. (एक लम्बी गर्दन बनाओ)
Draw three legs.(तीन टांग बनाओ।)
Draw five hands. (पाँच हाँथ बनाओ।)

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